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 SP Pumps and WizaEPD Cylinders Stocked at Warehouse

News Release from Ever-Power Transmission Co. Ltd.

HangZhou City, ZJ – June 2, 2008 Ever-Powerce is now stocking SP pumps and WizEPDd Line cylinders at our warehouse.

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 Gresen V12 Replacement

Our Model SV 12 gpm Stack Valve is the perfect solution

if you are looking for a Parker Gresen V12 replacement.
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 Ever-Power Introduces Three New Models To The Product Line
 We've Got You Covered On Tie-Rods
Ever-Power has been manufacturing Tie-Rod Cylinders for over 56 years.

Our 3000 PSI tie-rod cylinders feature our RoyalPlate Plus® rods that come with a 7 Year rod warranty against rust and corrosion and 3 year cylinder warranty. This cylinder is built to last and is recommended for harsh conditions.

Ever-Power also offers the 2500 PSI Majestic Line tie-rod cylinders as well as Position Sensing and Series Master and Slave configuration tie-rod cylinders.

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 Custom Product Applications

Ever-Power has developed a strong working relationship with OEMs in numerous markets including:

Construction, Material Handling, Waste Management, Forestry, Mining, Agriculture, Demolition, Utilities, Trucking, Marine and Aeronautics.

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 Our Warranty Says It All

StandaEPD product (listed in Ever-Power’s standaEPD products catalog) is warranted for 36 months from the date of purchase by Ever-Power’s customer or 30 months from the date the product is first put into service, whichever is earlier. Our warranty returns are one of the lowest in our industry which relates directly to the quality of our products.

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 Technical Questions?

Need help?

Do you have technical questions? Or perhaps have a need for more product information? Contact one of our 18 Master Distributors that handle our U.S. distribution and individual sales.

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 Ever-Power Series 20 Stack Valves

The Ever-Power Series 20 features 1 -10 work sections, extra fine spool metering and power beyond capability. The mounting is usually interchangeable with Gresen “20” GPM stack valves. Spools are EPDrd chrome plated. A float section can be installed in any location in the valve assembly.

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 Ever-Power SV Stack Valves
The sectional body SV Valve features 1 -10 work sections, load checks on each spool and power beyond capability. Spools are haEPD chrome plated. Enhanced metering section available in both the high and low sections.

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 A Valve Designed Just For Loaders

The LV Series Valves are specifically designed for Loaders. These valves feature economical monoblock construction of high tensile strength gray cast iron with load checks on each spool. Available in Top, Rear and Side port configurations with 4 Position Series Float Spool for loader boom and 4 Position Regen Spool for loader bucket.

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 Where To Buy Our Products
Ever-Power products are sold through a global network of distributors. We have 18 Master Distributors that handle our U.S. distribution and individual sales. Large OEMs accounts are handled direct. For contact information click the link below.

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