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P series planetary gear reducer

P series planetary gear reducerP series planetary gear reducerP series planetary gear reducer

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Performance characteristics
# vertical output, compact structure, big torque transmission hardened, high-precision gears to ensure smooth working, low noise, long life.
# installation: at the end of the foot to install, the installation of the hollow shaft, flange installation, torque arm installation, the installation of the small flange.
# Input Method: Direct motor, motor or a belt connected to input shaft, input flange connection.
# output mode: Hollow shaft output or solid output shaft, with an average efficiency of 98%.
# mix ratio can be greater.

Technical parameters
Transmission ratio :3.15-3000
Input Power :0.25-550kw
Maximum torque: 2000KN.M
Output speed :0.45-445r / min

Basic models:
P2O011 P2O021 P2O031 P2O041 P2O051 P2O061 P2O071 P2O081 P2O091 P2O101 P2O111 P2O121 P2O131 P2O141 P2O151 P2S011 P2S021 P2S031 P2S041 P2S051 P2S061 P2S071 P2S081 P2S091 P2S101 P2S111 P2S121 P2S131 P2S141 P2S151 P2K011 P2K021 P2K031 P2K041 P2K051 P2K061 P2K071 P2K081 P2K091 P2K101 P2K111 P2K121 P2K131 P2K141 P2K151
P3O011 P3O021 P3O031 P3O041 P3O051 P3O061 P3O071 P3O081 P3O091 P3O101 P3O111 P3O121 P3O131 P3O141 P3O151 P3S011 P3S021 P3S031 P3S041 P3S051 P3S061 P3S071 P3S081 P3S091 P3S101 P3S111 P3S121 P3S131 P3S141 P3S151 P3K011 P3K021 P3K031 P3K041 P3K051 P3K061 P3K071 P3K081 P3K091 P3K101 P3K111 P3K121 P3K131 P3K141 P3K151

P4O011 P4O021 P4O031 P4O041 P4O051 P4O061 P4O071 P4O081 P4O091 P4O101 P4O111 P4O121 P4O131 P4O141 P4O151 P4S011 P4S021 P4S031 P4S041 P4S051 P4S061 P4S071 P4S081 P4S091 P4S101 P4S111 P4S121 P4S131 P4S141 P4S151 P4K011 P4K021 P4K031 P4K041 P4K051 P4K061 P4K071 P4K081 P4K091 P4K101 P4K111 P4K121 P4K131 P4K141 P4K151

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