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R series helical gear transmission machine hardened

R series helical gear transmission machine hardened

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Performance characteristics
# small bias output, compact structure, maximum utilization of cabinet space, secondary and tertiary簗緜the same.
# the use of whole body casting, body structure stiffness, and easy to improve the strength of shaft and bearing life.
# Installation: feet at the end of the installation, install flange flange size, easy to choose.
# solid shaft output, average efficiency is 96% of secondary and tertiary 94%, R / R portfolio the average efficiency of 85%.
# Design for the RM series of stirring to carry large axial force, radial force

Technical parameters
Ratio range: R basic 3.33 ~ 289.74, RX-type 1.3 ~ 8.65, R / R can be combined to reach 27001
Torque range: R basic 85 ~ 18000 Nm, RX-type 20 ~ 1680 Nm
Power range: R basic 0.18 ~ 160 kW, RX-type 0.18 ~ 132 Kw

Basic models
R17、R27 R37、R47、R57、R67、R77、R87、R97、R107、R137、R147、R167 RF17、RF27、RF37、RF47、RF57、RF67、RF77、RF87、RF97、RF107、RF137、RF147、RF167 RX37、RX57、RX67、RX77、RX87、RX97、RX107、RX127、RX157 RXF37、RXF57、RXF67、RXF77、RXF87、RXF97、RXF107、RXF127、RXF157 RS27、RS37、RS47、RS57、RS67、RS77、RS87、RS97、RS107、RS137、RS147、RS167 R27R17、R37R17、R47R37、R57R37、R67R37、R77R37、R87R57、R97R57、R107R77、R137R77、R147R77、R147R87、R167R97、R167R107 RFS27、RFS37、RFS47、RFS57、RFS67、RFS77、RFS87、RFS97、RFS107、RFS137、RFS147、RFS167 RF27R17、RF37R17、RF47R37、RF57R37、RF67R37、RF77R37、RF87R57、RF97R57、RF107R77、RF137R77、RF147R77、RF147R87、RF167R97、RF167R107 RXS37、RXS57、RXS67、RXS77、RXS87、RXS97、RXS107、RXS127、RXS157 RXFS37、RXFS57、RXFS67、RXFS77、RXFS87、RXFS97、RXFS107、RXFS127、RXFS157 R32 R42 R62 R72 R82 R92 R102 R132 R142 R162 RF32 RF42 RF62 RF72 RF82 RF92 RF102 RF132 RF142 RF152 RF162 RF33 RF43 RF63 RF73 RF83 RF93 RF103 RF133 RF143 RF153 RF163 R33 R43 R63 R73 R83 R93 R103 R133 R143 R153 R163 R302 R402 R602 R702 R802 R902

Detailed technical parameters and size parameters
1、 R series helical gear reducer hardened - the performance characteristics
2、 R series helical gear reducer hardened - the structural design of the program
3、 R Series Helical Gear Reducers Hardened - Model tags
4、 R Series Helical Gear Reducers Hardened - installation type, the location of the electrical junction box, enter the allowable power and torque

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