Gearboxes for tracors & auto

Gearboxes for tracors & auto



YKX3132M 20
Japan 6
HB220 2
YBA3120 5
YBA3132 9
YB3120 9
YZ3120 7
Y38-1 24
Y3180H 7
Y3150E 9
Y3150 26
YM3180H 2
YM3150E 1
Y3150/3 2
Slotting Machine General Slotting machine Y5120A 37
Y5121A 1
Y5122A 2
Y5132A 5
Y5132 11
YM5132 1
B5020 1
Japan 6
YM5116 2
YS5120 1
YSL5120/37 4
YSL5120/36 5
Higher Speed Slotting Machine YSL5120/45 1
YKS5120A 5
YKS5132A/41 3
Y5150 2
Y5150D 5
Chamfer Machine General Y9380 39
Half-Automatic YB332C 2
YB9332C 5
YB9332D 1
Japan 3
CNC Chamfer YH9325C 3
YH9320 1
Gear Chamfer Press Machine YJ9332 1
Gear Chamfer self-refit 15
Shaver General YP4250 5
Y4250 2
Y4232C 8
Y4232 2
Y4250 1
Japanese 10
CNC Shaver YK4216 1
YK4232A 4
Y4232CNC1 8
Abrading Machine Y4650 1
Y4632 1
Y4632A 2
Milller end surface miller 1532 1
Spline shaft Miller Y631K 4
Spline Miller Y63K 16
Longitudinal Milling Machine X50C 2
Horizontal Milling Machine X62W 2
Drill Miller ZX32 8
universal lifting platform milling X62W 3
vertical milling machine XA5032 1
vertical lift platform milling machine X52K 1
X53K 1
CNC milling lath XR4018 1
single-column milling lath X1532 3
double-column milling lath X2540 1
vertical copy miller HURON 1
LDA5-11.85 1
high efficiency spline milling machine X333/HJ 2
round-table milling machine X3016 3
double-range recording miller CM0634BW 1
semi-automatic thread milling SB6511 1
Driller Bench Drill Z4012A 1
Z516A 1
Z4120 1
Z512-2 1
Z1516-1 1
Z4116 1
Z3511 29
Drilling machines, radial Z3025*10 2
Z3050X16/1 2
Z-5150A 1
Z3040X16 3
Z3025*10 1
Z3050X16/1 2
Z3032X8/1 2
Z3040*16I 2
Z-3040 3
Z3040X16 5
deep hole drilling machine Z2115? 5
Vertical Drilling? Z-5150A 2
Z-5125 1
Z-5125A 1
Z-5132 1
Z-5132A 1
Z-5140 2
Z-5140A 38
Z-5140B 2
Z-5150 1
vertical threading machine SB4118 1
Grinder Surface Grinding machine M7332A 1
M7130H 1
HZ-034 1
Universal external grinding machine MG1432 1
M1420 2
M1432 1
M1432A 1
M1432B 4
Internal grinding machine MD2110 1
M2110A 18
M2120 4
half-automatic end grinding machine MBS1620 2
end grinding machine MB1632 3
external grinding machine M1332B 21
Ended grinding machine CM0632BW 3
vertical round-table grinding machine M74125/1 1
M7416 1
M74160 1
floor-type horizontal grinding machine M50100 1
All-Purpose Grinding Machine M6025 2
Spline Grinding Machine M8612 1
M8612A 1
Draw sharpening grinding machine M6110 1
Hob sharpening grinding machine M6420B 1
M6402D 1
Shave sharpening grinding machine Y7432 1
YT7432 1
CNC cylindrical grinding machine MK1602/500-H 5
CNC cylindrical grinding machine MK1602/500-HC 1
MAGE Gear Grinder HSS30 1
精密内圆磨床 MGD2110 1
MGD2120 1
Gear Grinder? Y7125 1
Pressed Thread Machine Pressed Thread Machine ZA28-31.5 1
Z28-20 2
Z28-40 1
Z28-75 2
Z28-125 1
Crane Single Cantilever Bridge Crane LDA5-23.5 1
LD5-D-LD5-S 4
LD5-D-S 3
Single Cantilever Crane LDA5-23.5 19
LD5-16.1 8
Cantilever Bridge Crane 20T 5
Spline Cold forming machine CZ730-A 1
Lathe Recording Lathe CM0632BW 65
CJ06 3
CM0634BW 1
CM0635BW 1
CM0636BW 1
General Lathe CZ6162A 1
CY6140 3
CA6140 5
CN6140B 2
CD6140A 43
CW6163C 1
CA6140 3
C6136 31
C6136A 21
C6136A-1 1
C6132 3
C6132A 1
C6132E 1
C616 159
C616-1 42
C616A 2
C616A-1 3
C616-1B 2
C616S1 1
CH10-616 2
C618 64
C618A 1
CW6180B 1
C619 2
C620 3
C620-1 1
C620-1B 1
X620JV 3
horizontal CNC lath CKJ6140 34
CKJ6140A 9
CKJ616-1 46
CJK6132 18
CJK6132A 19
CKJ6136A 8
CJK6136B 23
CKJ6136A-1 6
CJK6150 4
CJK6133A 1
CJK6134A 1
CJK6135A 1
Lifting machine jerrican lifting machine SHT-0.5T 2
Electric lifting machine DYBC-A-1T 1
Boring Machine vertical fine boring machine T716A 1
vertical diamond boring machine T7200 1
double face horizontal fine boring machine T740A 10
Milling machines,horizontal TX68 1
single face horizontal fine boring machine TJK7040 1
Shaper Shaper B6063E 1
hydraulic shaper BY60100C 1
Electric-Motor Electric-Motor VFNC-132 10
Hydraulic press compensate hydraulic press Y41-10A 2
Y41-10B3 1
four column hydraulic press YB32-630 1
YT32-100A 3
mono column compensate hydraulic press Y41-10B3 1
Y41-10A 2
Y41-40 1
Y41-63A 1
Hydraulic press self-refit 1
single column universal hydraulic press Y30-6.3 1
Rotating permanent magnet demagnetizating machine NS-400A 1
Broaching Machine broaching machine self-refit 13
broaching machine out source 16
horizontal ental broaching machine L6110 2
vertical ental broaching machine L5110A 3
L5120A 3
vertical broaching machine 2
Press double disk friction press J53-300 15
J53-400 3
J53-1600C 2
J53-1000C 2
J53-630B 2
closed single-point? press JA31-160T 2
JA31-250 4
JC31-160 2
JA31-160C 10
JA31-160B 4
open single-point press 60T 1
compressor V-6/8-1 1
V-3/8-1 1
Air Hammer air hammer C41-150 5
C41-250 8
C41-250B 2
C41-560B 2
C41-750B 1
broking machine D51-450A 1
Shears bar shears Q42-500 1
Q42-250 3
Q42-250B 1
Hack Sawing Machine horizontal belt hack sawing machine GB-4025 3
GX-4025 3
GZ-4025 7
GB-4025A 10
oscillating mill VFM300 1
roots blower L48*66WD 1
muller S114 2
woodworking machine 1
Straighten tooth cone tooth bright metal tooth machine Y2726 1
Straighten tooth cone tooth bright metal tooth machine Y2732-SS 1
Gear shaping machine Y2380 1
Shake compaction model machine Z148K 2
Electric spark line cutterbar DK7750 1
horizontal cnc work center MAR-630H 1
horizontal cnc work center MAR-500H 1
vertical cnc work center MXR-460V 2
vertical cnc work center MXR-560V 3
impedance matching equipments GC-1205 1
impedance matching equipments GCLS-1606DY 1
pitch type carburizing furnace RQ3-105-9 19
RQ3-90-9 4
RQ3-75-9 2
double-chamber cold vacuum heater ZC2-65 1
200/B-07 1
vacuum heater KZM-36-11 1
pitch type tempering furnace RQ3-75-9 1
Resistance Furnace industrial chamber-type resistance furnace CL-45-9 2
industrial resistance furnace RQ3-105-9 9
CNC resistance furnace RQ3-105-9 4
Multipurpose Furnace RM2.110.9DF 1
high frequency induction heating equipment GP100-H9 1
hardening machine GCT10120-TL 1
coupe tappet production line for carburization JHL1 1
Continuous double production line for carburization LS12 1
bell type annealing oven 2
continuous annealing oven 1
rotary table type abrator Q3525C 1
tumbling wheel blasting Q3110I 4
tumbling wheel blasting cleaning Q311I 2
double hooking type wheel blasting cleaning Q378型 9
crawler type? wheel blasting machine Q226 1
crawler type?blasting cleaning Q326 3
conveyor type wheel blasting cleaning XGQT200 1
induce heater ZJ20K-5 3
medium frequency machine KGP503-160-1 1
medium frequency heat machine KGPS250-1 1
Isothermal main battle line 1
chamber type multipurpose furance 1
The style sealing off a box uses the stove production line more 3
Errors of Tooth Profile and Helix 3204 2
Machine the cone gear wheel is examined Y9550 1
Vertical optical gauge FD3 1
universal gear tester —— 1
Universal Measuring projector JD18 1
microscope universal microscope JX7 1
Electron?microscope? JEM-6A 1
Large-scale metallographic microscope XJG-04 1
microscope HXD-1000 1
Vertical metallographic microscope XJL-02 1
4X 1
XJB-1 1
scanning electric-microscope DX-3A 1
imput microscope japan 1
High vacuum coater DM-200 1
HR-150A型 3
dual flank gear rolling tester SNY3 2
——— 1
3101 1
3101A 1
gear runout inspector M6 17
runout?inspector —— 13
After hob grinder inspector ZL-012 1
Sample saws Q-3A 2
Visible-infrared spectrometer 722 1
Balances TG328B 1
722 grating spectrophotometer 722 1
double pipe high temperature carbon furnace SK2-2.5-13TS 1
glazing machine P-1 1
P-2 1
metallographic grinder & polisher PA-2 1
Electric-oven 621-3 1
Runout —— 3
Direct and indirect current magnetic particle inspection CEW2000A 1
universal gear tester JHT26W 1
gears center tester JE32 2
coordinate measuring machine MQ8106 1
roughness tester TR200 1
salt-mist corrosion tester YWX/Q150 1
spectrum WX--5 1
Spard-OES JY50E 1
balance hook PJ010 1
PJ020 1
PJ系列-100 3
PJ系列-200 6
cleaning machine HQ-Ⅲ-B 1
-------- 1
Electronic Weighing Apparatus SCS-2 1
steam boiler CHC型0.4 1
daily use boiler LHG0.15-009 1
gas-fired furnace CG1Q-1.3.21B 46
CG1Q-1.3.22B 4
CG1Q-1.3.23B 5
CG1Q-1.3.24B 6
300 type diesel oil generator set 63000ZD2 5
transformer S9-1000/10 2
S9-1600/10 2
worm gear wheel machine S136510 1
air compressor VF-3/7 1
Packing Machine packing machine XTB027 2

Why choose us?

(1) We provide OEM services and submit various styles and latest designs to customers;
(2) We cooperate with major customers in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America and South America;
(3) According to the needs of customers in different regions, we have matched various styles of reducers for you, so that our customers have great competitiveness in the market!
(4) We have more than 20 years of rich experience in providing customers with high-quality products and the most professional services!
(5) We can flexibly export goods from any port in China! You are welcome to inquire!

company advantage:

1. Large production capacity and fast delivery.
2. Strict quality control inspection rules: all products must pass 100% inspection before delivery.
3. Provide OEM/ODM service
4. 24-hour online service.
5. Real-time quotation query
6. High quality, high reliability and long product life.
7. Professional manufacturers provide competitive prices.
8. Diversified, experienced skilled workers.

Quality management system:

In HZPT, product and service quality is given the highest priority.
Our employees receive training on quality methods and principles.
At every level of the organization, we are committed to improving product quality and processes.
Such a deep commitment has helped us attract the trust of customers and become the world’s preferred brand.

Package & Lead Time

Size: Drawings
Wooden Case/Container and pallet, or as per customized specifications.
15-25days samples. 30-45days offcial order
Port: Shanghai/Ningbo port


To The Client’s

Is purchasing from China profitable?
China remains ones of the biggest supplier in the world. For sure the products that you have chosen is profitable in your target markets, as China is supplying to the world with competitive quality and prices.

2) Do I need to travel China in order to purchase products?
We take care of everything for you, so you can save air fare costs, hotels and traveling expenses. However, if you decide to visit China, we will try to arrange you a wonderful staying so your traveling experience will be pleasant.

3) What type of products do you supply?
A wide range of Industrial, Automotive and Agriculture products. Every product is assigned to a specialized team.

4) What are my risks in buying from China or to work with you?
You have basically no risks. We do purchasing for you and you can rest assure with our inspections. If you get time to come China, you can visit us during production process. You have access to our contact networks and sales team. We will take serious action about your products like ours. You do not need to travel if you don’t want to as you have knowledgeable partners in the China.

5) I can find the supplier for my products on my own, why do I need you?
You may do so. However, your investment will be much higher. Plus you do not have a local partner that knows the market and can give you access to a network of opportunity.
To buy your products from China, you need to have a local office for signing contract with suppliers, an engineer team in order to do quality and quantity inspection time to time. You need to know about raw material sources, and the important matter is to avoid any out sourcing.

6) How are you structured?
We have different departments that each one specialized in every single aspect. We can provide logistic assistance, Sourcing assistance, inspection assistance, and legal assistance.

7) Is this service only for large corporation?
No, we sure that by first time corporation you will get warm confidence to keep your business with us, as our relationship based on honesty and mutual benefits, so in the future you will enlarge your business. We care you and make you to be much more-stronger than before. Going from strength to strength together.

We welcome any corporation from Small to Large, Let’s progress . . .
For more queries please send us email