PTO Shaft

HZPT’s PTO shaft series offers a variety of lengths to choose from. These products are suitable for compact tractors and machinery. The length is measured by the total length of the drive shaft when closed. Shear bolt and sliding clutch (torque-limited) PTO shafts are also available. When overworked, they stop the drive from the tractor to the machine, which is popular in rotavators and other ground maintenance equipment. All shafts can be extended to some extent to accommodate different tractor attachments; sprayers, mowers, balers, toppers, rotavators, etc.

PTO shaft application

Application of PTO Shaft

The Power Take-Off (PTO) shaft is an indispensable part of agricultural machinery, especially critical in the operation of mowers, toppers, rotavators, and balers. Here’s a detailed look at the specific applications of the PTO shaft in these areas:


In mowers, the role of the PTO shaft is to transmit power from the tractor to the mower blades, driving them to rotate and thus achieving efficient grass cutting. This setup allows the mower to continuously operate as the tractor moves, suitable for various sizes of grasslands, including farm edges, roadside, and large commercial or public green spaces.


Toppers are primarily used for the topping operation in crop growth to promote lateral branch growth and increase yield. The application of the PTO shaft here is to transfer power from the tractor to the topper, enabling its rotating blades or other cutting devices to precisely remove the tops of the crops. This mechanized operation improves the efficiency and uniformity of topping, which is significant for optimizing crop growth and increasing yield.


Rotavators are used for soil cultivation; they loosen the soil through rotating blades, which helps improve soil structure and increase soil aeration. The role of the PTO shaft is to convey power from the tractor to the rotavator’s blade shaft, driving it to rotate at high speed, thereby achieving deep cultivation of the land. This depth and intensity of cultivation are particularly effective for preparing planting beds, controlling weeds, and land leveling.


Balers are used to collect and package crop residues (such as straw, hay, and other materials) for easier transport and storage. In this application, the PTO shaft’s task is to transfer power from the tractor to the baler, enabling its internal compression device and packaging mechanism to work effectively, compressing the materials and tying them into bales. This process not only reduces the volume of crop residues but also facilitates the recycling and reuse of waste.

In all these applications, the PTO shaft is key to achieving efficient agricultural mechanization. By directly transferring the tractor’s powerful force to various agricultural implements, it not only improves operational efficiency but also expands the range of use for tractors. Thus, the PTO shaft holds an irreplaceable importance in modern agricultural production.