Brushless DC motors

Brushless DC motors


Ever-Power Brushless DC motors

TYWZ DC Brushless Motor takes rare earth PM material as its rotor material, replace carbon brush commutator with location sensor, realize electronic inverting with electronic control circuit. It has retained the advantage owned by the traditional DC  motor, at the same time overcome the disadvantages such as complicated structure of carbon brush and slip-ring, high fault rates.

l         Excellent torque performance, high start torque;

l         High precision of speed control, wide speed scope;

l         Little rotor Rotate Inertia, rapid response speed;

l         Small size, light weight, large power ratio( the ration of power and size);

l         Good brake performance;

l         High efficiency, no rubbing mechanical wastage between exciting power and carbon brush, slip ring, an energy saving product;

l         Simple structure, high reliability, good stability, simple to repair and maintain; lower noise,more smooth running, more longer life;

l         No radio disturb, no electrical spark produced by rubbing of electrical brush, especially suitable for the application fields such as the explosive dangerous area, the bad working environment,frequently fast start etc;

Note: Some new specifications are not shown in the table.

TYPE VOLT.   (V) POWER   (kW) SPEED RPM CURR. (A) Effici. η(%) COSθ Protec. Grade weight(kg)
TYWZ-18-63 DC220 0.18 3000 1.1 90 0.91 IP54 or IP55



TYWZ-50-63 DC24 0.5 3000 25 90 0.88 5
TYWZ-75-71 AC220 0.75 4000 2.6 89 0.86 8
TYWZ-250-80 AC220 2.5 3000 7.5 93 0.93 12

Prompt design according to customer’s requirement is available.

Mounting base Poles        Mounting Dimension  Overall dimension
71 4、6 112 56 90 50 19 40 6 15.5 71 7 150 130?/FONT>139 176 310
80 4、6、8 125 62.5 100 56 24 50 8 20 80 10 165 148?/FONT>140 196 395
112 4、6、8 190 95 140 89 38 80 10 33 112 12 230 187?87 300 460
132 4、6、8 216 108 178 108 42 110 12 37 132 12 270 224?/FONT>224 350 610
160 4、6、8 254 127 254 121 48 110 14 42.5 160 15 320 274?74 420 680
180 4、6、8 279 140 279 133 55 110 16 49 180 19 355 340?40 460 750

Note: ※is the dimension of motor less then 4kw

The dimension L of 4kw motor is approximately 470.

Dimension marked italic will be little changed according to motor power.

    Some new special specifications are not shown in the table. They are smaller. 

                                            Prompt design according to customer’s requirement is available.


Frame size Poles    Mounting Dimension Overall dimension
D E F G M N P S T Flange holes AC HF L
71 4、6 19 40 6 15.5 130 110 140?40 10 3.5 4 130?39 165 350
80 4、6、8 24 50 8 20 165 130 148?48 12 3.5 4 148?40 176 395
112 4、6、8 38 80 10 33 215 180 240?40 15 4 4 187?87 245 390
132 4、6、8 42 110 12 37 265 230 290?90 15 4 4 224?24 290 630
160 4、6、8 48 110 14 42.5 300 250 316?16 19 5 4 278?78 340 680
180 4、6、8 55 110 16 49 300 250 350?50 19 5 4 340?40 400 750

Note: ※is the dimension of motor less then 4kw

The dimension L of 4kw motor is approximately 470.

Dimension marked italic will be little changed according to motor power.

   Some new special specifications are not shown in the table. They are smaller. 

                                         Prompt design according to customer’s requirement is available .

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